Teradata Announces New Data Warehouse Platform

29.03.2012 21:00

Teradata has announced the immediate availability of the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 (Teradata Active EDW), offering the newest generation of hybrid storage.

Qloudstat Analytics Service Now Available

22.03.2012 17:02

Iterate GmbH recently announced Qloudstat, a service for performing analytics of server-side access logs of cloud-hosted content.

Trend Micro Announces DirectPass

15.03.2012 18:05

DirectPass lets you manage multiple passwords and login IDs in one secure location.

Zarafa and Univention Bring Zarafa4UCS To Market

09.03.2012 20:04

Integration of Zarafa with UCS will enable connections of existing Active Directories with cloud-based Zarafa setups.

Becrypt Launches tVolution

29.02.2012 22:06

Becrypt announces the launch of tVolution, a virtual desktop offering that provides an ultra-secure way to manage a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

NGINX Partners with Parallels

23.02.2012 15:33

Combined solution includes additional controls to activate NGINX as part of the Parallels Plesk Panel integrated product suite.

Splunk Enterprise Security Intelligence Solution Released

16.02.2012 14:46

App includes Enterprise Security 2.0 and Enterprise 4.3.

Cloudyn SaaS Solution

15.02.2012 17:47

Cloudyn has announced the general availability of their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for dynamically optimizing the costs of cloud computing resources.

Symantec Patches Code Breach

01.02.2012 14:34

Symantec code exposure turns up danger to pcAnywhere customers.

pentOS: New OS for Cloud Environments

26.01.2012 15:19

Piston Cloud Computing Inc. has released Piston Enterprise OS (pentOS), an OpenStack-based cloud operating system for managing enterprise private cloud environments.