Ransomware Infects 625,000 Systems

02.09.2014 14:19

Treacherous encryptor has already scammed users for more than US$ 1,000,000.

Intel Releases Extreme Desktop Processor

02.09.2014 13:36

Monster chip indulges speed addiction for high-end gamers.

New Report Exposes the Prevalence of Lame Passwords

19.08.2014 12:59

Password1 is the most common password in this year's analysis

The Internet Outgrows Itself on August 12

19.08.2014 00:11

The Internet outgrows itself as routers run out of room for new routes

Secret Windows Attack Exists Only in the Registry

05.08.2014 14:31

Forget about catching this one with a conventional virus scanner.

Red Hat Launches ARM Partner Program

05.08.2014 13:44

Better collaboration with hardware vendors could accelerate development in the ARM server space.

Apple and IBM Sign Historic Partnership Agreement

22.07.2014 14:10

Our friends are all aboard: Apple mends fences with Big Blue meanie to bring iOS to the corporate space.

Microsoft Unifies Tech Conferences for 2015

22.07.2014 13:10

Does this consolidation herald the end of topic-based tech events?

CentOS 7 Released

09.07.2014 14:53

New edition marks the first version of the RHEL clone since the merger with Red Hat.

Criminal Crypto Defeated Cops Nine Times in 2013

09.07.2014 14:41

The US government’s recently released statistics show a rise in unsuccessful wiretap attempts.

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